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Advantages of Running a Pet Franchise

 Working with pets is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable business opportunities anyone can hope to work in. But the advantages of working with a pet franchise go far beyond being around pets every day. To find out more about the advantages of working with pets, read on.

Why start a pet franchise? 
It might be easy to think that because it’s a challenging time to start your own business, it’s not worth taking the plunge. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the first half of 2021, nearly 80 new businesses were started every single hour [Startups] - a 32% increase on the year before.
This sharp increase in the number of business registrations points to a rise in entrepreneurship as people reassess their work priorities… whilst many will have returned to their old jobs, the Companies House data suggests that a significant number have decided to start their own business.
- Business Leader
Advantages of running a pet franchise 
1. Working with animals 
If you’re an animal lover, there aren’t many better opportunities out there. Working around animals every day is known to be great for your health and wellbeing, meaning that if you value satisfaction and reward in a job, you’ll find it in bucketloads as a pet franchisee. 
2. Demand
Animals are becoming members of the family. As such, owners are willing to spend big money making sure that they have tailored diets, fun toys, creature comforts and the perfect grooms. And that’s where you step in.
The pet sector has quietly become a profitable and dynamic sector to be a part of. From food to care to accessories, the pet care industry raked in a market value of just under £3 billion in 2020 [Statista]. Not bad for such an enjoyable business. 
3. Job security 
Not every business comes with job security, but as a franchisee, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Franchise businesses are famous for having great survival rates, with only 1% of closing franchisees in 2018 cited commercial failure as the reason for doing so. 
As an independent or sole trading business, you will need to spend time and money building a business, a brand and a marketing plan that gets you seen. But with a franchisor at your back, you’ll already be joining a successful business with plenty of customers, and lots of experience to boot. You’ll feel the benefits of this from start to finish. 
4. Affordability 
There are lots of franchises out there, and each will want something different from prospective franchisees looking to join. But what really makes pet franchises stand out in this area is their affordability. Across the board, many of these franchises are accepting newcomers for far more affordable fees than in other sectors.
5. Financial freedom
And even if these sums seem like a lot, don’t be put off starting your franchise due to financial restrictions. Because franchise businesses have those excellent survival rates that we discussed above, more banks will be willing to lend to you with favourable rates. 
Once you’ve decided which franchisor you’re keen to join, speak to them about the financial options open to you and you’ll be able to move forward with the right finances for you. 
6. Be your own boss
It’s the dream of many, but the reality of a few; starting a franchise will help you realise the dream of being your own boss, taking responsibility for the day-to-day running of a business and reaping all the extra rewards that this brings. 
And with so much franchisor training and development to help you, this isn’t just about being your own boss. This opportunity is about running your business and improving it all the time.
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