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The city of Joy has been witnessing a surge in pet shops and pet creches for the last few years. With several pet creches and pet travel services opening up in Kolkata, the pet parents have been finding solace to maintain the pet animals at home at comfort and travel as desired. 

The growing trend of keeping pets has given rise to the demand for dog accessories, cat accessories, bird accessories, and several other products. Being the one-stop solution for all pet needs, PGPET has ensured that every product is available to the customers.

When not many companies offered various pet products, PGPET was established in 2009. As a Cost Accountant by profession, Goutam Guha plans to do something for unemployed people and provide them with some work. He never imagined himself investing in a pet shop at any point in his life. Yet, he wanted to serve society and started PGPET Trading Company in April 2009 as a social cause.

Founded by Goutam Guha, an ex-petrochemical employee, PGPET is now a famous brand in eastern India that caters to the products in India and abroad. Today, this company is one of the largest pet stores providing quality pet products and services in Eastern India and across India.

PGPET is catering to more than 350 pet stores in the Eastern India. Their development journey was not overnight but included several years of struggles and hardships into establishing the present state. Since Goutam Guha started with just a basic amount for the venture, he had to maintain the basic expenses and do most of the jobs himself. As he was a working professional with a high designation, he had many responsibilities at the office. Only after his office work, he managed to balance the business's work. During the first three months, the turnover was zero, and also had to pay the logistics and the staff salary for it, therefore, it was a loss. The venture also faced rumours, but they gradually developed the brand in the market with honesty despite the issues. PGPET maintained the quality and honesty and the relationships that helped them overcome all these hardships and obstacles.

The pet shop industry is growing, but it was not well-developed in 2009. PGPET, which worked on its unique selling proposition (USP) of offering individual and unavailable pet products in the Indian market to develop its customer base, was successful in this regard. The company now imports dog toys, leashes, dog flight cages, dog wipes and diapers and many more for resale in domestic market and manufacturing leashes, dog chains, designer summer and winter apparels for domestic and export market. 

In an interview with MyManch, Goutam Guha explained that he decided to invest in the pet industry because he wanted to do something exceptional for society.He aimed to offer a comfortable lifestyle to furry babies, so he launched his business in 2009. Since inception PGPET has grown multi fold and diverse the area of work from Regional to Nationaland from offline stores to online stores in the name PGPET has vision to become fastest retail chain in Esatern India by giving franchisee in the name PGPET.


Goutam Guha founded PGPET | Founder, Director of PGPET, Author and Social Activist

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