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Established in 2009, PGPET Trading Company is a Kolkata Based manufacturer, importer, distributor, wholesaler & retailer of high quality pet products & accessories. The company also offers specialized pet care and grooming services.

Our USP:

1. Well established brand with over a decade experience.
2. Complete pet care products and solution under one roof.
3. Customer oriented company providing superior value.
4. Wide range of 2000+ products making a pet's life smoother.
5. Catering to more than 400 pet stores accross India.
6. Seven registered brands under Trademark viz. PGBITE, Petex, Booze, Cat Mud, X-Protein, Pawsoft & PGPET

Self Pet Store VS PGPET Store

Own Brand Pet Store  PGPET Store
Ownership  Yes  Yes 
Business Model  Need to develop  Tested
Industry   Expert Required Not Required
Advice/Support/Training  Required  Included
Material Association  Need to develop  Not Required
Product Range  Need to Research  Market Tested
Product Varity  Need to develop  Ready 2000+ Stock
Risk Factor  Very High  Very Low
Profitability  Low  Very High
Brand Promotion  Need to develop over time  Already Popular Brand
Product Inventory  Scattered  Centralised 
Stock Absorption  Not Possible  Any Time


Why PGPET | PGPET Pet Store Franchise is One of the Largest Network of Pet Care Products.

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