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Franchise Model

Expending Footprint Taking the Franchise Route
Moving ahead, PGPET Trading Company is all set to open its retail stores through franchising to reach out to pet parents accross India looking for high quality & genune pet products and personalised professional pet services.

Expansion Format Retail Store + Clinic Retail Store + Clinic + Grooming Centre
Area Required 
350 sq ft  450 sq ft
Approx Investment*  INR 13 Lakh  INR 15 Lakh
Franchisee Fee INR 2.5 Lakh INR 2.5 Lakh
Average ROI 103% 103%
Average Payback  1Year, 6 Months  1 Year, 5 Months
Agreement Term  5 Years 5 Years


Products & Services 
Packaged Food & Snacks, Supplements & Vitamins 25%
Pet Accessories  60%
Pet Consulting Services  30%
Pet Grooming Services  90%


Comprehensive Company Support
PGPET Trading Company will support its franchise partners in almost every aspect of operations & management of the franchise store, ensuring mutual groth and profitability.

Key Role & Responsibilities  The Company  The Franchisee
Location Selection 
Location Approval ?  
Set up Cost   ?
Staff Training & Recruitment Assistance ?  
Product Supplies ?  
Software & Accounting Support  ?  
Store Aduit  ?  
Outlet Upkeep & Maintenance    ?
Marketing & Branding Support  ?  
Digital & Social Media Presence  ?  


PGPET  Franchise Model | The Benefits of the Pet Store Franchise Model

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