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How do I start a pet store franchise?

How do I start a pet store franchise?

The scope of the pet industry in India is very good. We all know pets are the most beautiful things which serve us with love and affection. Pet adoption is not a new term, from ancient times people were adopting pets and it was seen as a prestige .Today also many people are adopting pets to avoid loneliness in their life . Due to the increase in the demand for pets in India , the pet care market is rapidly growing. The pet care market is expected to reach INR 5457 crore by the end of 2025.The pet care market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% in upcoming years.

As per Vedant Pandya, Market Analyst at Bonafide Research, “The Indian Pet care market will experience a robust growth in the future. Whilst Pet foods are gaining a status of necessity. At the same time pet accessories, pet grooming and healthcare are also proliferating in the market. The reason behind that is the encouragement by the global trends of pet adoption and pet care. The increased rate of pet adoption in India is expected to drive the pet care market.”
The pet care market is divided into four segments
1. Pet foods
2. Pet accessories
3. Pet grooming
4. Pet healthcare products
India is doing very well in pet care and grooming market and the market is becoming bigger and better year on year. When we look back to past the number of pet owners have increased a lot ,many company ran campaign to adopt animals as a family member and it created a huge impact . But we all know how busy and hectic lifestyle has begun .So now pet owners don’t have time for bathing and grooming of their pet at home, so now they prefer professional pet care and grooming salons. The experts at salons not only take care of the pets but also look at the health issues which were not noticed by the pet owners. This resulted in the increase in demand for pet care and grooming salons in India.
Another important factor is when you love someone or you are attached with someone then money does not come into picture . In the same way pet owners want to get the best professional care and grooming services for their pet, so they spend a good amount of money on their pet .This also contributed in the growth of pet care and grooming salons in India.
For taking a franchise you can do the following steps :
1. Research about the options available
2. Choose the best option which matches your requirements as per your location
3. Know the franchisor very well and ask all the relevant questions to clear your doubt
4. Invest and launch your business with boom
5. You can also take help from us. incase your are not experienced in franchise business Call +91 9674290111

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